About Shore Thing Theater and
ComedySportz Jersey Shore

Shore Thing Theater offers many things. In addition to being the home of ComedySportz Jersey Shore, we also offer improv classes to students, no experience required. Learn more about us below:
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ComedySportz Jersey Shore improvisers on stage
ComedySportz Jersey Shore offers a family-friendly experience that's different every week. Two teams of players compete against each other for your amusement, making everything up on the spot, under the direction of that match's referee. Your applause helps keep score, and your suggestions drive the action. Laughter is guaranteed.

In addition to our flagship matches, we also offer classes, corporate training, private events, and more.

Wondering what a match is like? If you've ever seen television's Whose Line Is It Anyway?, you get the idea. But here, the points do matter, because only one team can emerge victorious each match! Each match is fully interactive, and is appropriate — and hilarious — for kids and adults like.​

And since it's all improvised, come back as often as you'd like: You'll never see the same show twice.