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“Ria is an excellent teacher: clear, concise, fun, and super knowledgeable. Her faced-paced classes are joyful romps into the challenging and addicting world of improv. You will love it.” – Grace M.

“Ria’s class was extraordinary! From the variety of improv games to her personality, her class is also a perfect combination of laid back and workshop. She’s great at noticing where each person is at in their improv skills, providing appropriate feedback to each person. Improv is amazing! I love how it can help in other areas of your life, too.” – Gloria W.

“I’m a mid-career professional and signed up for Ria’s adult improv class to work on confidence and quick thinking. I ended up taking multiple classes and couldn’t recommend Shore Thing more highly for anyone who’s been thinking about improving their confidence, public speaking or focus. It’s like an evening of hilarious brain-training exercises and a great stress reliever. Ria was a wealth of knowledge and even in a class with students from different backgrounds and skill levels she did an amazing job of giving each student the individual attention they needed to improve their skills.” – Lucas V.

“Want to see time fly? Then take a class with Ria T! Free your mind, free your spirit. Just improvise! Say yes to improvisation. You’ll be glad you did. It’s like boot-camp for your mind!” – Joe B.

“I was struggling at work; a VP in technology working in a boys club and the higher you climb the harder you are kicked down and not heard. I took Improv on a whim grasping for a way to cope and learn strategies to toughen up, bolster my confidence and push back. I took the class twice and not only did it break down my fears and frustrations, it made me more comfortable speaking to a crowd, thinking on my feet to no longer take crap from anyone, but I also met new friends and tapped into the silly, fun and creative side of me I thought died.” – Tara F.

“Fun, energetic, and beyond exceptional! Ria will transform your improv skills in a matter of weeks and you will see yourself perform better in all areas of life. She’s seriously the best!” – Catherine P.

“Ria’s incredible teaching style let me be creative in a safe space. Every class was an opportunity to learn something new.” – Bethe B.

“I enrolled in Ria’s class not sure what to expect from improv. My goal was to become more confident and expand my creativity. Ria was a great instructor for both. She not only taught me wonderful improv skills, but she also helped me become more comfortable in front of people and grow as a person.” – Jim S.

“I had taken several improv classes before going to an improv class run by Ria Torricelli. I liked them all, but Ria’s classes are different. Ria just doesn’t teach improv — she is improv. I am convinced that she eats, sleeps and breathes improv. There is an energy that runs through her class, so that when the session ends — you are ready to take on the world. Don’t just take my word for it, take one of her classes — it will change you.” – Carl H.

“I took a class from Ria in the fall of 2018, and I cannot say enough good things about her class/teaching. She helped me grow as a performer and sometimes when I am in scenes, her voice pops into my head with a suggestion/topic/some other helpful tidbit that she had said. 10/10 would recommend and attend again!” – Kyle G.

“I took Ria’s level 1 and 2 improv classes and she is a phenomenal teacher. Her years of experience in the craft are evident within minutes and she routinely offers constructive criticism that’ll make you a better improviser. She also also knows how to teach beginners without making them feel uncomfortable or discouraged. 10/10 would recommend her as a teacher.” – AJ S.

“Ria makes learning improv approachable and fun. She imparts a solid understanding of her lessons, while making them accessible to students of all experience levels.” – Mitch A.

“I have been lucky enough to have taken multiple classes with Ria over the past few years. She is truly passionate and dedicated to this wonderful art form! Her vast experience with improv has allowed me to learn so much from her and I truly thank her for the lessons she has taught me! Ria is the best!” – Brooke L.

“Taking a class lead by Ria is like getting a peek into any and all possibilities in the world of Improv. Ria’s vast improv experience is evident in just meeting her. She is always warm and welcoming, and ready to work! Any student at any skill level will be challenged in a comfortable environment. Students will grow and be supported in a progressive, and loving classroom. Take a class! You’ll thank yourself for doing it!” – Sean M.

“Loved the camaraderie, the laughter, honing in on listening skills, focus, and being in the moment. Went home happy after every class. Thank you Ria, for your amazing coaching.” – Linda S.