Thoughts from our players – Mitch Albala

Thoughts from our players – Mitch Albala

How Improv Changed My Life

“Hey Mitch, why don’t you join us?”

A few years ago, I was driving my wife to her improv class in Red Bank every week. She would take instruction and practice games, while I hung out on my phone. Then one night, the instructor asked me the question above, and my life changed for the better.

This was my introduction to improv and, perhaps more importantly, the improv community. My wife saw my potential, and encouraged me to get more involved. I have met so many hilarious, friendly and supportive folks since then. I’ve taken classes, done side projects, even gone to improv camp, but what made them special was the people.

Being creative, and making an audience laugh, is very gratifying and a lot of fun. It’s why we do it in the first place, but nobody does it alone. It takes the feedback and energy of the other improvisers to keep you going, and make everyone shine.

And that instructor who reached out to me? None other than Ria Torricelli, the head of ComedySportz Jersey Shore. She has been a mentor, a leader, and an inspiration. Blame her.

Mitch Albala was inspired by his wife Mona to pursue improv. They live in central Jersey, where she is a member of Death By Improv. Their cats couldn’t care less.

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  1. Emily Z says:

    I can hear Ria saying “Hey Mitch, why don’t you join us?”!

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